… the truth will make you free

John 8:32


"Rethinking Salvation" deals with the question, what does it take to be saved and how do I know if I am saved.

"Effort Required" highlights verses dealing with the responsibility of the believer in terms of salvation

"Rethinking the Baptism" deals with the concept that the physical, literal water baptism is required for the forgiveness of sin. This implies that without having been water baptized, one cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. We inspect the arguments for this teaching: John 3:5, Romans 6:3, Colossians 2:12, 1 Peter 3:21, Galatians 3:27, Titus 3:5, Mark 16:16, Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38 and more. After investigating the issue, we find that water baptism is in no way a requirement for the forgiveness of sin.

"Maturity" questions the typical plans on how one reaches maturity in Christ, and considers a different way.

"His Kingdom" highlights the Lordship of Christ.