Pearls of Faith

The following represent material that does not correspond to the categorized themes.

I saw the Heavenly Jerusalem

This audio series is the testimony of a Christian brother, Frank Breido, who died from leukemia (blood cancer). He was dead for about 20 minutes, went to heaven and met Jesus who sent him back to earth. Not only did he come back to life, God restored his completely deteriorated body within 72 hours, including new and functioning organs. The case is fully documented by the cancer clinic where he was treated. Frank spent 13 years after his resurrection witnessing all over Europe. His testimony is in German. It was recorded on September 18, 2004 in Mannheim, Germany.

Frank Breido

The following audio is the same testimony as recorded by the Volksmission in Plüderhausen on October 1, 2005

Frank Breido


Some claim that the gift of Speaking in Tongues was given for the (sole) reason of proving that non-jews are also heirs of the Gospel. Furthermore they allege that therefore, this gift is no longer available to the believer, for its purpose is fulfilled. This analysis investigates this claim.

Tongues in the Acts of the Apostles Chapter Ten

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Wolves are not fantasies, they do exist, and they are hunting for prey. We must be on the alert, otherwise we will become victims. This essay will assist the reader in spotting the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Wolves among the Sheep


Evolution commands great respect in the halls of upper education. However, this is no evidence that evolution is a credible theory. Here, we compare the theory of evolution to straight forward observation.

Evolution and Observation