… the truth will make you free

John 8:32


Jesus made it very clear that we can either serve God or Mammon. Therefore, we need to pay great attention to how we administrate our finances. In the modern day tradition of church organizations, it is expected that the Christian pay a tithe. This is the equivalent of a 10% invoice on income. If one works 40 years, this bill totals 4 years of his working life.

The wise and discerning will test to see whether the invoice is justified, otherwise he is a poor superintendent of wealth. The objective person, when left to himself and all the verses pertaining to the subject matter, is able to convince himself to a great degree inside of 8 hours of study that the Christian is in no way obliged to pay any tithe. Is 8 hours of research into scripture worth 4 years of your life? If yes, read on.

The study you are about to read is the result of 18 months of initial effort for several hours a day. I have convinced myself not only that the Christian is not obliged to pay a tithe, but furthermore, that the Christian is not allowed to pay any tithe. Yes, you read that correctly.

When studying any topic, we have to understand the topic in its proper context. And this is where the standard tithe teaching runs aground. The trusty saying "A text without context is a pretext" applies to the tithe. Without having first comprehended the context, one has no chance of properly understanding the tithe. And what is the context of the tithe? Quite simply, the tithe law was given to the nation of Israel to pay for the levitical ministry. It was never given to the Church, for the Church has no levitical ministry.

In the following documents I show beyond any doubt that the tithe has nothing to do with the Christian, and yet at the same time, everything to do with the Christian. This is a true paradox, which is typical for Scripture.

We start handling the tithe by showing why God instituted the tithe, and then proceed to qualify all of its various facets. In the end of the tithe analysis, we discover what the tithe means to the Christian. The tithe is part and parcel to the Gospel. There is no salvation without it. After the analysis, we filter standard tithe teachings through the Scriptures, such as Abraham's tithe with Hebrews 7, Jacob's tithe and Malachi 3.

Later, we turn our eyes to the offering. Some pitfalls typical of giving are uncovered. The prerequisites of giving are shown. The popular "Giving in Faith" teaching is handled. The last document delves into the consequences of financial manipulation in the Church - that is to say that we reap what we sow.