… the truth will make you free

John 8:32


Revival is a sovereign move of God. It has nothing to do with the schemes and teachings of men. It comes directly from the Holy Spirit. It is far removed from men and their (often false) teachings and concepts. It is not a plea to the intellect of man, it is not an intellectual convincing and maneuvering people into Christianity, but a spiritual conviction and reviving of the spirit of man. It is always marked by genuine repentance, lasting change and holiness. The rock that Jesus builds His church on (Matthew 16:18) is not Peter but the revelation from Heaven. False gospels are sweeping the nations and many sheep have lost their ability to judge truth from error. We are born again by repentance and faith in Jesus and nothing else. (Faith in) His blood is all we need. While signs and wonders follow those who believe, they also follow those who deceive (Mark 24:24). We offer the following messages as pure spiritual food. May you be blessed, set on fire for Jesus and changed forever listening to them.