… the truth will make you free

John 8:32

Managed Churchanity

The religious establishment of Jesus' day steadfastly believed in what they were doing. Everyone, the leaders and the followers alike, were absolutely convinced that they were fellowshipping - between themselves and God - as God desired. They were in great error. Jesus, the Master, said as much.

Yes, it is true, they were sincere about killing the One who called them out of the bondage of Egypt. In the name of doing God a favor no less. At the same time, they claimed that should they have been alive at the time, they surely would not have put God's holy prophets to death! The irony of it all. Would it surprise the reader to know that what has been done before, will be done again? Could it be possible that God's people are again under the same type of delusion? Would it even be probable? It is dangerous to simply assume otherwise.

Within these documents, we take a look at the managed church system and compare this to the Scriptures. We shall find many discrepancies. Every Christian must decide as to whether he wishes to be part of Christian City, or The City of God. We shall discover that the thing called "church" falls short of God's vision for the ecclesia.

"A Review of Pyramid Doctrine" is an allegory of a-day-in-the-life of a Christian busily building pyramids in the sands of Egypt. It also dissects typical Pyramid Doctrine. Pharaohs decree that God's people most assuredly should be building pyramid structures, headed by a pyramid director. These directors show them the way to life. The big themes are spiritual covering, anointing and submission.

"The City of Babylon" begins at the tower of Babel, jumps to prophecies in the book of Revelations, visits Abraham, the Father of Faith, and ends in Laodicea. These are connected and serve for greater understanding of the Great City, and show how God expects us to respond to it.

"False Shepherds and True Prophets" handles prophecies by Ezekiel and Jeremiah where they call God's people to leave the comfort and security of the City. "The Establishment" is currently in draft. We look in the Gospels to determine Jesus' opinion of the Establishment, to decipher how it works, and in turn how to spot it.