In Love with Jesus

I love the Church, the fellowship with the brothers and sisters. We find the presence of the Holy Spirit there. What relationship do you have with Jesus? Is it only on Sunday morning, in a wonderful church with the presence of the Lord? Or do you have a heart-to-heart relationship with Jesus yourself? Of course I believe in the grace of God. But the grace of God is not a license to play with sin. The different ways we express ourselves do not shock God. God loves all His children, no matter in which manner they adore and bless Him. Sin is what shocks God. We come in religious clothes on Sunday morning, but inside we are dead. "Inside you are full of dead man's bones", Jesus says to the religious. In one instance, Jesus even took a whip and cleared out the temple. Jesus did not come with a religious garment. He did not care for the forms, as men usually do. He took hold of the tables and threw them over. He was clear: "You are making my Father's house a den of robbers!". It is the sin in the church that shocks God. And it is sin that prevents the Holy Spirit from working.

We stick with the appearance of things and then strain at the gnat. The sin of the religious was to refuse to see in Jesus - this son of a carpenter, born like all human beings - the promised Messiah. They expected to see the Savior of Israel appear as a glorious Messiah, a King. But Jesus was born as an ordinary child. The religious could not stand Him, because this did not fit into their way of thinking. You can transfer this to so many areas. The religious spirit does not like the way Jesus manifests Himself. This explains why some people get disturbed at times when the anointing of God is present. They get upset and try to fit everything nicely into their framework. They want to control what is happening because they are actually afraid of what the Lord is doing. I think that if Pentecost came upon this room now as it did 2,000 years ago, some would run out. They would be scared. We are no longer used to the presence of Jesus. We are only used to the form we have given to Jesus. We have molded our spiritual riches into a golden calf. And the princes, like Aaron, have created their own version of Jesus. A Jesus the way they want Him. A Jesus that does not disturb much.

Excerpt from the sermon "Amoureux de Jésus" ("In Love with Jesus") by Christian Pellone, 2001

Painting: "La Plume du Ciel" ("Heaven's Quill") by Danielle Holler